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Why Training & Education Can’t Stop with New Hires

Many organizations have a streamlined onboarding process for new hires. As the excitement of starting a new job builds, HR and hiring managers prepare documents, meetings, and plans for the first days and weeks. We want to ensure that new hires are prepared and can transition into their new role seamlessly. Many organizations have a streamlined...
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Milliken & Company Named One of America’s Safest Companies for 2017

Underscoring our firm commitment to safety, we are pleased to be included on the 2017 America’s Safest Companies List presented by EHS Today magazine. As a three-time honoree, we were one of 13 companies recognized for providing a safe working environment for thousands of employees. In addition, Milliken became the first-ever company named to the America’s Safest Companies Hall...
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What We’re Reading – September 2017

Those of us in the manufacturing industry know it is constantly evolving and changing. This can make it tough to keep up. We spend a good amount of our day trying to stay current on what’s happening. Here are a few articles from across the web we found interesting and worth talking about. 13 Ways...
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The 10 Best Books to Read While Implementing a Performance System

“Readers are leaders” is a slogan that can be found in most children’s libraries, but it’s a sentiment that PSbyM practitioners wholeheartedly agree with and still believe. They are always finding new books that help them tackle old problems or discovering authors that spark unique insights. Finding time to read, though – aye, there’s the...
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Training Desk

Could your CI team use a refresher?

As you embark on your journey to operational and safety excellence, it is important to continue to hone your skills and ensure all associates are on the same page. Training your employees allows you to strengthen skills that employees may need to improve. It is critical that associates have the appropriate on-the-job knowledge and foundation...
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Business Charts

Your 2017 Goals: Doing, Done, or Done Forgot?

January 1 of 2017 might seem like a decade ago, but it’s only been six months. How about the goals you and your team set out to achieve this year? Do those also seem to be in the distant past, or are you still making progress on them? For many companies, the goals set in...
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Safety Keys 6-9

Safety Series Part 3: The Wrap Up

As we round out National Safety Month and the final part of our safety series, we’ll review the remaining 4 immutable keys of a successful and sustainable safety process. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. Time & Money Time is money, but time spent focused on safety prior to incidents and injuries...
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Immutable Safety Keys 1-5

Safety Series Part 2: Keys 1-5

In our previous post, we outlined the nine unchanging components of a successful safety system. If your company focuses on these timeless “keys”, as we call them at Milliken, your safety program will be successful for the long term. They aren’t Band-Aids or quick fixes, though, and will require everyone – from production floor to...
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9 Safety Immutable Keys

Safety Series Part 1: Building a Foundation

It’s common that we see organizations drive safety from the top down. The initiatives tend to be broad and vague. Because of this, owning the safety initiative is treated like a chore, and not a value-add role resulting in a lack of interest and a disconnect in how each plant carries out each piece. When...
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How Do I Implement an Operations Performance System?

“How Do I Implement an Operations Performance System?” A Brief Overview on Getting Started with the Milliken Performance System Continuous improvement is an ongoing journey. Once the decision has been made that you’re going to create a measurable, process-oriented way of working in your organization, the feeling of being overwhelmed might soon set in. Instead...
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