The ABCs of Change Management

Change your Business Culture to Achieve Profitable Growth

In an organization undertaking a transformation and striving for operational excellence and continuous improvement, leadership’s role is even more critical. When rolling out an improvement effort, executives are initially excited by the early returns from low-hanging fruit, but many quickly become disenchanted when the pace of improvement weakens or pauses. 

Performance Solutions by Milliken drives performance and safety improvements for manufacturing companies by implementing best-in-class performance systems. Our comprehensive change management approach drives total workforce ownership and delivers measurable results. 

What is Change Management?

Change management is the approach to address an organizations transformation of goals or processes. The purpose of change management is to implement an effect strategy that encourages and enables employees to embrace the change. How leaders manage change within their organization can have a strong impact on employee engagement and moral.

Managing Change in Your Organization

It’s common that we see organizations drive initiatives from the top down that often lack support from the entire organization. Instead, by building processes from the floor up, management is still accountable, but now acts more as a coach or a sponsor. The production employees lead the charge while the management team is there to give guidance and remove potential road blocks. This employee-centric approach is designed to build an organic, sustainable, internal capability with long-lasting benefits.

In order to manage change effectively, it is important that all levels of the organization have clearly defined roles. From employees to management and leadership, everyone needs to nurture the process. The more seamless you can make the process, the sooner your organization will benefit and find success in the change. 

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The ABCs of Change Management

At Performance Solutions by Milliken, we utilize the ABCs of Change Management with clients across a myriad of manufacturing industries to effectively and systematically implement new processes and tools into their organizations.

Alignment: Organizational alignment around a common sense of purpose
Benefit: Personal and organizational benefit
Communicate: Consistently, clearly, and continuously
Develop: Provide the training and education
Enable: Provide the resources and opportunities to be engaged 
Feedback: Measure, reward and recognize

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