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“Our Milliken Safety journey has been invaluable in terms of helping us establish an employee-based safety program that is designed by our employees for our employees. It has transformed our safety culture by reestablishing trust from the ground up. It’s truly energizing to witness such a diverse team take ownership of the safety process not because they have to, but because they want to!

It is personally satisfying for me to see individual team members develop and grow, exhibiting strong leadership skills and competencies that were never recognized or witnessed previously. Having this performance excellence system confirms something that I have always believed: that the vast majority of the people who work for us possess far more talent, capability, creativity and intelligence than their present jobs require or even allow them use on a daily basis. All you have to do is create the right set of conditions for these behaviors to emerge and we couldn’t have done it without Milliken.”

– Ciaran Brennan, President & CEO
Tilcon Connecticut Inc.

“Milliken’s safety process has achieved significant results over an extended period of time as its total recordable incident rate per 200,000 work hours is consistently less than 15% of its industry average. Milliken has achieved this remarkable record through total involvement of its associates. Simply stated, Milliken associates have assumed ownership of and responsibility for the safety process. Consequently, Milliken’s safety process truly does stand “shoulder to shoulder” with quality and efficiency – it is under control, the same level of scrutiny can be applied to it, and it has the same potential for adding value to stakeholders.”

– Larry Trotter, Service Director
Liberty Mutual Loss Control Advisory Services

“Our safety teams have been energized to take control of the safety aspects of our plant operations. They feel that they are the driving force behind a safe workplace, without the direct involvement of our management teams.

Additional benefits include an increased feeling of empowerment to enact safe working practices, getting the entire group of associates involved and a very deep sense of responsibility for each other’s safe working practices.

A huge side benefit is an increase in the communication between the production associates and the management team. They speak more freely and comfortably within the organization, and not just in the safety arena. We have numerous other plant issues that have been addressed and resolved that normally would not even have been communicated to the senior leadership of the location.”

– Tom Watts, President
Prudential Overall Supply

“I hear the term world-class a lot. Now I know what it is.”

– Rusty Bethea, ACI Champion
Angus Palm

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