Craig Long

The Art of the Business Dinner

Can food be a strategic lever? I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, come on now!” but stay with me on this one. I want to position an argument that the working meals are some of the greatest untapped opportunities we have at our fingertips. Still with me? Okay, then let’s dig in. I remember years...
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Safety Teams Presentation

Rethinking Leadership Development

Just looking at the numbers, corporate investments in leadership development are soaring.  The latest data shows U.S. spending at over $15 billion annually. (Yes, that’s billion!) Not only is it a huge number, it’s growing at over 10% a year, and now accounts for 35% of all training spends. It’s clear the C-Suites around the...
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Paper Airplanes

The Power of Modeling

In my career of over four decades, one of the most valuable management concepts I have witnessed is the Power of Modeling. Leaders that are looking to create a long term sustainable advantage would be well served to give modeling a thorough study.  Few are understand it and even fewer are practicing it. Modeling is far...
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Beyond Awards

What’s Your Strategy? Why do organizations pursue awards? It may be to assure their customers, to instill pride in their employees, to ensure the public that past issues have been addressed, or just to be recognized as ‘the best’. For most organizations, the pursuit of an award is seldom part of the organization’s strategy. It’s usually just...
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Complexity Simplicity

Finding Simplicity in Complexity

As our world continues to grow more complex, it’s easy to wonder if that fundamental change is affecting how we work and live. The answer is simple: when machines and processes work correctly, we tend to work correctly, when they don’t, it’s exponentially more frustrating. Essentially, technology has driven much of the new complexity. What is often lacking...
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Leadership Stew: A Metaphor

Years ago, I heard a story using the metaphor I now call “Leadership Stew.” When I first heard it, I thought it was a great analogy to what leaders should do. I began sharing the story with new hires during onboarding only to be surprised how very few had heard the story. I share it here. Enjoy!...
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Manufacturing Equipment

Smart Work: Few Organizations Do It

I have struggled with the issue of effective and efficient work for over 40 years. The first decade of my career as an Industrial Engineer was dedicated to minimizing the number of steps of work and reducing the amount of time each step took to execute. We had a term in our industry for employees—“hands.”...
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