Jordan Workman
Chemical Manufacturing

Moving Past Initiatives to Sustainable Manufacturing Performance

Manufacturing executives tend to know what’s expected of them. They face financial statements, customers, and stakeholders, on an ongoing basis. In their performance metrics, there’s no denying the “what” but truly world-class leaders continually search for the best “how?” Faced with an ever-present trade-off between short-term and long-term results, even the best companies can struggle...
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The Importance of Zero-Loss Thinking in Business

Are your manufacturing operations performing against an annual budget or standards? How much loss did you build into the budget? How much improvement? How was the performance base-line set? From last year’s performance? These are questions pertinent to every manufacturing leader. Budgets and standards in the manufacturing environment serve a very useful role in simplifying...
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Leadership Meeting

3 Leadership Tendencies That Hamper a Performance System Transformation

A manufacturer is in many ways an image of its leadership, with the executive’s style, tone, and behavior reflected throughout the organization. Leadership’s role is even more critical in organizations undertaking lean transformations. Too often manufacturing leaders — corporate- or plant-level — downplay their critical roles in lean transformations. Subsequently, improvement efforts fail to get...
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Power to the People

Manufacturers around the world are faced with increasingly complex paths for driving performance in their operations. Lean and six-sigma have had considerable popularity among manufacturers for decades and the newest paths revolve around extreme automation, additive manufacturing, and the Internet of Things. All of these paths have serious potential and some are foregone conclusions but...
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