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Focused Improvement in Business

Every manufacturing organisation feels the pain of losses in their operations: On average, 31% of plants lose 20% of more of their hours and inventory to scrap and rework. 41% of plants reported machine uptime rates of 70% or lower, leading to 30% losses in productivity for those organizations 31% of plants reported complete-and-on-time delivery...
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How to Stay Connected with Your Employees and Customers

For the past month, Performance Solutions by Milliken has been working alongside our clients, metaphorically, to enable their Operational Excellence journey even as COVID-19 changed and continues to change the way we live and work. Our first concern is the protection of our Practitioners and our Clients’ employees based on latest understanding and guidance of the virus. Our second is continuing operations  so that we and...
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Webinar On Demand: Sustainable Manufacturing

Long before it was a buzz word in everyday consciousness, sustainability was a cornerstone of Milliken’s approach to operational excellence. Evolving from the company’s first-ever recycling policy established in 1901, to today’s holistic view of how every associate owns the health and safety process, alongside how sustainable products can positively impact our world. Milliken has...
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Systemic Continuous Improvement

Attempts to “improve” manufacturing are driven by problems, not planning. An issue or incident occurs, managers and frontline associates attack, and production returns to normal — for a little while. But eventually the problem recurs — which means no lasting improvement has been achieved. Why? Because reactive firefighting is all that you can expect without...
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Improving Manufacturing Operations from the Inside Out

Few manufacturers have the internal expertise and resources to address every problem or opportunity. Outside assistance is often required, which can be both good and bad: a consultant can provide insights and tools to solve an urgent problem (good), but the manufacturer may remain unable to solve similar problems on its own — with the...
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Cut Losses, Cut Costs, and Increase Profits

As manufacturers satisfy demanding customers with high-quality products, perfect deliveries, and value-added service, they face a constant tension: How to do so without increasing costs. Yet in industry after industry, executives are watching margins shrink as expenses rise in a variety of ways: Quality: Product must be reworked, scrapped, or sold at a discount. Safety:...
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Webinar On Demand: Recession Proof Your Operations

Most manufacturers have experienced a decade of growth since the Great Recession ended in 2009. But there are signs — declines in new orders, a stagnating U.S. gross domestic product, reduced corporate growth estimates — that the good times may be coming to an end. View this on demand webinar to learn more.
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Deliver to Customers in Need of Speed

Customers now expect that anything from anywhere can be purchased, delivered, and maybe even installed overnight. This need for speed at the end of the value stream has raced upstream to its start, with manufacturers and their suppliers struggling to keep up. Fortunately, manufacturers have powerful ways to support their operations as they rush to...
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5 Proven Steps to Improve Manufacturing Quality in Your Plant

Manufacturing quality matters more than ever, and not simply because it keeps customers happy. In fact, manufacturing leaders have found that quality pays for itself — and then some. Why? Because implementing processes that generate high-quality products avoids both obvious and hidden costs of defects: Rework and scrap costs Warranty and repair costs Discounts to...
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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year

From all of us at Performance Solutions by Milliken, we would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year! We hope your holidays are filled with joy and laughter. Thank you for a great 2019. We look forward to a wonderful 2020.
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