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Manufacturing Equipment

Smart Work: Few Organizations Do It

I have struggled with the issue of effective and efficient work for over 40 years. The first decade of my career as an Industrial Engineer was dedicated to minimizing the number of steps of work and reducing the amount of time each step took to execute. We had a term in our industry for employees—“hands.”...
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Manufacturing Quality

150 Years of Operational Excellence

Milliken & Company was founded in 1865 on an unwavering commitment to quality, improvement, and safety. From the beginning, well before “operational excellence” was an industry buzzword, Milliken has consistently striven to be a company where good teamwork, solid problem-solving, and strong leadership result in ongoing improvement and waste elimination. We’ve tried to focus on our customers’ needs, keep our employees positive and...
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Safety Conference Attendees Sitting

Best Practices in World-Class Safety Conference Preview

Three days. That could be all the time it takes for your organization to become a safer, better place to work. By joining Milliken’s three-day safety conference, you get access to one of America’s safest companies and their proven processes. The 2015 Best Practices in World-Class Safety Conference, hosted by Performance Solutions by Milliken, delivers...
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Plant Floor Safety

The Power of Ongoing Education

In today’s fast-paced business world, getting up to speed may seem overwhelming. One way to stay competitive is to embrace the power of education, training, and development. Performance Solutions by Milliken is designed to help companies serious about change reach their goals. Our experienced business practitioners offer training courses, bootcamps, and conferences to support our...
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Manufacturing Audit

Safety Bootcamp & Maintenance Workshop with Performance Solutions by Milliken

At Milliken and Company, safety and quality are top priorities. From our people to our products to our services, we strive to do good for our customers and our community. That’s part of why we’re considered one of America’s safest and most ethical companies. Milliken has established proven, transferable best-practice safety procedures in our own...
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Daily Team Maintenance Presentation

Driving World-Class Operational Excellence Conference Starts Today

Milliken is happy to welcome conference attendees to our revolutionary three-day conference on the Milliken Performance System,. Our guests will join globally diverse practitioners averaging over 20 years of service at Milliken & Company or other outstanding manufacturing companies as they examine the path to achieving and maintaining operational excellence. Milliken’s award-winning approach has been...
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Plant Manager

Best Practices in World-Class Safety Conference

Imagine if in just three days your company could be a safer place to work and do business. Milliken’s three-day conference on safety excellence offers a rare glimpse into the tried-and-true, award-winning processes of one of the safest companies in America—and gives you the information you need to implement these superior safety practices for yourself....
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Daily Team Maintenance Presentation

Driving World-Class Operational Excellence

You’re on the road toward operational excellence, and Milliken & Company is on that important journey with you. That’s why we hope you’ll join us for our Driving World-Class Operational Excellence conference this April 28-30. The three-day seminar will introduce you to the innovative Milliken Performance System and walk you through how to achieve—and maintain—operational excellence. Performance...
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Manufacturing Associates

Safety Systems and Processes for Sustainable Improvement

Professionals from a variety of industries joined together to learn and network at Milliken’s Safety Bootcamp this February. The two-day seminar focused on significant topics such as improving an organization’s injury and illness rates, encouraging employees to take ownership, using continuous improvement methodology and tools, acquiring skills for sustainability, and implementing the tools of continuous improvement analysis—including...
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The Emerging “Knowledge Worker”

We have been hearing about the vision of the Knowledge Worker for years. A “Knowledge Worker” is a person whose main capital is what they know. Engineers, analysts, technology developers, architects, researchers, accountants, medical personnel, lawyers, and education professionals—those whose jobs require a high level of thinking and processing information—are all Knowledge workers. Knowledge work...
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