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Q&A: Achieving Exceptional Manufacturing Performance & Quality

At the 2019 American Manufacturing Summit, we presented on how to achieve exceptional manufacturing performance and quality. We also participated in a Q&A session with Generis about the best practices and information we presented. Speaker Phil McIntyre, Managing Director, Client Development & Marketing Q&A Excerpt Q: How can manufacturers use system-based performance management methodologies to move...
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An Exclusive Look at PSbyM Experts’ Opinions on Manager and Employee Development

Cara Thompson, Managing Director of Client Operations, and Jordan Workman, Director of Business Development, shared insightful comments while assisting in developing an eBook that is focused on what it takes to develop both managers and employees within an organization striving for a culture of continuous improvement. Here are some key takeaways from our colleagues that...
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The Importance of Operational Sustainability within the Food Manufacturing Industry

In a recent BrandStudio Food Dive article focusing on operational sustainability within the food manufacturing industry, Performance Solutions by Milliken leaders Jordan Workman, Director of Client Development, and Phil McIntyre, Managing Director, share their insights on the importance of this timely topic. Workman encourages organizations to defer from continuing in a reactive mode (firefighting) and strive...
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The Power of Zero

Pursuing perfection transforms improvement strategies — and the organization Many manufacturing executives don’t understand why their companies fail to achieve — or sustain —operational excellence. Why? Because their own performance targets often create a comfortable plateau: Acceptable and compliant: As long as current customers are satisfied and products and processes meet regulatory requirements, what else...
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Creating Customer-Focused Production Processes

Customers across industries now demand that manufacturers fulfill customized orders. Customers are looking for new functionality specific to their needs of high quality products with precise delivery. Meeting the customized demands of customers require agile operations to maintain productivity and profitability.0531 From functionality and timeliness to quality and volume, customers across industry now expect that...
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Question and Answer Bubbles

Q&A: Creating an Effective and Sustainable Safety Culture

In our recent webinar “Creating an Effective and Sustainable Safety Culture,” hosted in partnership with EHS Today, we discussed Milliken’s Safety structure and how to drive safety performance and continuous improvement by establishing associate leadership as the cornerstone of your system. We had great participation during the Q&A and we wanted to share that conversation...
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Building a Template for Success

Improvement of a model area can turbocharge replication of best practices — and better performances Manufacturing executives are often flummoxed at the start of improvement initiatives by a fundamental question: Where do we begin? Getting started is the hardest part, as a number of factors complicate decision-making: Lack of resources: Few organizations have the resources...
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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year

From all of us at Performance Solutions by Milliken, we would like to wish you a Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year! We hope your holidays are filled with joy and laughter. Thank you for a great 2018. We look forward to a wonderful 2019.
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Scales of Justice in Hands

Stabilize Operations – Then Improve

Performance management system sets a foundation for consistency and improvement Any improvement methodology — lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints — is only as effective as its execution. Unfortunately, many manufacturers fail to support their improvement initiatives with a performance management system to provide guidelines and oversight. These companies typically struggle just to stabilize their...
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Flipping the script on safety

1851 Franchise Magazine Article Feature

Employee Safety 101: 5 Tips for Creating A Safe Work Environment In the October 2018 edition of 1851 Franchise Magazine, Phil McIntyre, Managing Director for Performance Solutions, was featured in the People Spotlight column. From offices to construction sites, employee safety is a top concern. Experts from the industry discuss 5 tips for creating a...
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