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Daily Team Maintenance
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Daily Team Maintenance provides operators with the knowledge and skills required to proactively prevent breakdowns and off-quality caused by accelerated equipment deterioration and abnormalities. DTM results in improved reliability and stability—specifically a reduction of minor stops, breakdowns, and changeover time.

More than just housekeeping, the 5S process organizes and maintains the workplace environment to increase productivity and safety, reduce waste, and eliminate non-value-added activities for all associates. This process establishes the expectations of discipline and overall engagement in the organization.

5S Workplace Organization
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Continuous Skills Development
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This standardized training process ensures that all associates are doing the right things, the right way, every time. By modeling key areas, organizations experience a decrease in process variation, turnover, and overall training spend.

Focused Improvement projects follow methodology to provide a logical thinking process that identifies root causes of opportunities in order to reduce or even eliminate losses. These projects generate funding while improving the capability of processes.

Focused Improvement
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Planned Maintenance

For reliability and continuous improvement, a combination of preventive, predictive, and zero failure activities is necessary. Maintenance technicians and leadership and engineers oversee maintenance schedules to address problems before they occur.

Transforming Strategic Clarity into aligned action, the Daily Management System is a systematic operational management process. Development of a robust Daily Management System aligns an organization towards common business objectives through cascaded Key Performance Indicators and ensures achievement through each individual’s daily activities, review cadence, standardized work and layered audits.

Daily Management System
"Operational excellence secures the present. Innovation excellence secures the future."

-Roger Milliken

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Operational Excellence, Defined

Operational Excellence is often defined in a myriad of ways. Some organizations define it as using a certain manufacturing method, being customer-focused, or keeping an employee-centric mindset. However, working on these individual elements alone will inevitably result in a plateau of excellence. To us, operational excellence must start with a foundation of safety and strategic clarity and supported by key principles.   

The Challenges of Operational Excellence Implementations

The biggest challenge to achieving and sustaining operational excellence is creating cultural change. It goes beyond setting the right goals and requires engaging your entire workforce in the process. By involving all employees and gaining buy in to the core goals and strategies, the team can develop the right habits and systems to enable operational excellence for the long-term.

Achieving cultural change is hard. The unknown can be frightening to employees. Business are looking to proven, comprehensive systems they can trust and understand. The Milliken Performance System, the underlying system of our operational excellence consulting, is a holistic system that can help your manufacturing organization transform.

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