Going Beyond Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing

Change your Business Culture to Achieve Profitable Growth

In an organization undertaking a lean transformation and striving for operational excellence and continuous improvement, leadership’s role is even more critical, since many lean-leader attributes are not taught in business schools, nor are they intuitive. When rolling out an improvement effort, executives are initially excited by the early returns from low-hanging fruit, but many quickly become disenchanted when the pace of improvement weakens or pauses. 

Zero Loss Thinking

“Zero loss” thinking identifies where to focus your improvement activities. Zero-based thinking is a performance management mind-set in which there is no acceptable level of failure: no off quality, no breakdowns, no delays, no customer complaints, no manufacturing wastes, etc. 

Through this systematic approach of uncovering root causes of less-than-optimized work streams our clients have achieved an ROI performance of 8 to 1 within 2 years of beginning an implementation. 

Case Study

ConAgra Foods, a consumer and commercial packaged food company, adopted a zero-loss mindset that has resulted in a reduction in quality defects and safety incidents.

Pillar House

Milliken Performance System

The Milliken Performance System promotes the goal of reducing defects, breakdowns, waste and other abnormalities to almost “zero” as the expected norm. The system is characterized by a foundation of safety and strategic clarity and is supported by 9 pillars which continue to drive Milliken to be a lean enterprise.

By implementing the Milliken Performance System, you can dramatically improve your operational performance and employee engagement.

System is built to focus on:

  • Properly managing equipment
  • Improving associates’ skills and knowledge
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance

Six steps of transformation:

  • Accommodate, educate, and demonstrate
  • Assessment
  • Master plan
  • Plant implementation plan
  • Model within plant
  • Replication

Performance Solutions by Milliken

Since our 1865 founding, a commitment to continuous improvement and safety has been the foundation of Milliken & Company’s success, and we’ve spent the past two decades scouring the globe to discover the best ways to work. We recognize that best practices aren’t just limited to one industry, that’s why we’ve studied them all. We’ve looked, listened, and learned; and we’ve used the knowledge we’ve gleaned to develop our own holistic approach to improve efficiency and productivity based associate engagement and to incorporate lean manufacturing concepts.

Milliken has developed proven performance systems in both operations and safety that can help companies like yours improve their outcomes by using best methods. These methods— based on total employee engagement, efficient manufacturing processes, redefined metrics and practical expertise are transferable and customizable. You can expect improved productivity and a return on investment using these systems that have been our company’s compass and foundation for more than two decades, in more than 40 Milliken sites worldwide.

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Education & Training

Safety Bootcamp
Oct 17-18, 2017

Our Safety Bootcamp is a comprehensive workshop on safety systems and processes for continuous improvement. In this 2 day, hands-on seminar, you can learn practical tactics to advance your safety process and build an effective safety strategy that engages your entire organization.

Performance Solutions by Milliken