Introducing Performance Solutions by Milliken

Performance Solutions by Milliken was founded in 2007, and since then we have been recognized as the 13th fastest growing consulting firm in 2015 and the 10th fastest in 2016.

Here at Performance Solutions by Milliken, we exist for one reason—to help companies and organizations like yours on their operational excellence and safety journeys.

We currently work in over 28 countries around the world, all with local language capability.  And our clients cover every spectrum of manufacturing from underground ore mining to processing the food on dinner tables, from electrical components to the airplanes depending on them, from chemicals used in plastics to the tires on your car…and everything in between.

There are no secrets to our success—just prioritized and disciplined steps that can help your business improve operations and safety performance.

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Let Performance Solutions by Milliken show you how.

Real World Solutions. Right Now.

At Performance Solutions by Milliken, we’re bringing consultancy into the 21st century. We set ourselves apart from the competition based on four key values:

  1. We can demonstrate our methodology.  Visit us here in Spartanburg, SC, to tour a Milliken manufacturing facility with and see for yourself these processes in action.
  2. We believe that the differentiation of a practitioner – someone who practices a learned profession – versus a consultant who just offers advice is integral to establishing partnerships and achieving measurable success for clients.
  3. We know that meaningful associate engagement drives the long-term sustainability of continuous improvements. And we feel that everyone in the organization should be engaged.
  4. We understand the real power of losses. There is no other tool better suited for establishing a roadmap to success than our unique perspective on losses.

“Operational excellence secures the present. Innovation excellence secures the future.” -Roger Milliken

Performance Solutions by Milliken