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Discipline & Operational Excellence

What is Operational Discipline? Operational Discipline is not about punishment or sanctions, it is not negative – it’s a key ingredient for manufacturing excellence. Operational discipline is a mindset, a way of thinking about a situation and then behaving in a manner that is a foundation for operational excellence. Operational Discipline is about consistency and...
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Manufacturing Talent

Mapping Value Stream

Mapping Value Stream “We should have been better prepared for the impacts of covid,” a senior supply leader relayed to me. He was bemoaning, in his own words, the inventory mess in which they had found themselves. High levels of inventory that the market no longer required and very little of what it did. My...
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Manager and factory employees working together to get the job done

Rapid Improvement Approach

Markets change fast – The Rapid Improvement (RI) approach helps you keep up. We understand that market opportunities appear and disappear at an astonishing speed and that to plan for the long-term you must solve your short-term challenges. We have designed our RI approach with the short and the long-term in mind so that the...
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Safety Hazard

Managing Safety in Process Manufacturing

Risky Processing Activities in Manufacturing All manufacturing processes come with their own unique sets of hazards.  Major hazards common to most industries include: Slips, trips and falls Machine guarding Powered industrial vehicles Electrical hazards Lock Out – Tag Out of equipment Environmental hazards Manufacturing processes must be evaluated for these hazards as well as pinch...
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Root Cause Analysis Diagram

Root Cause Analysis

During the past weekend, I spent some time working on one of the rose beds around my house. Generally, this has been a beautiful bed with compact, dwarf shrub roses that seem to always be in bloom. However, this bed recently fell prey to several insidious plants, including Morning Glory, wild blackberry, and other types...
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heart hands

Importance of a Safety Incident Investigation Procedure and Care Management Process

An incident occurs, a significant near miss or actual injury, and the response is lacking, or even chaotic. Not knowing who calls for assistance, provides immediate care, or begins the investigation process can be frustrating. At worse, lack of adequate response can worsen the incident. A defined, detailed process will increase response certainty, and properly...
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Associate Safety Training and Education

How to Build a Successful Safety Process

Imagine that you have never sailed a boat. You are asked to sail 500 miles over open seas. Your only training is a four-hour video. Would you be able to complete the journey? Perhaps, but certainly not very likely! Unfortunately, newly hired employees may feel like they have this same experience at your company. At...
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Safety in Manufacturing Requires a Personal Connection

Why does Safety in Manufacturing Require a Personal Connection?

If we go back 30-35 years and look at the way safety was implemented then, we can say it was not only implemented from the top down but also it was very much scripted. In some ways, learning and interaction were not set to take place together. Learning techniques were far from being highly touchable....
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Safety PPE

Activities that Promote Awareness of Safety in Manufacturing Plants

Part of Performance Solutions by Milliken’s manufacturing safety tips series – click here to learn more Safety in manufacturing plants is more than a set of actions, it is a mindset. Most manufacturers have training and education for safety. However, those activities are often relegated to the classroom or computer screen. At Milliken plants a...
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