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The Importance of an Operational Excellence Based Culture

In the last two decades businesses have undergone constant changes due to society’s high level of demand. Customers no longer accept a product or service with a medium level of quality delivered to them, and low quality has consequences and penalties that impact the company’s profitability and reputation. To be part of the dynamic “game”...
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How to Reduce Changeover Time in Your Plant

Why is changeover time important?  How to define a changeover and quantify. Changeovers are a part of manufacturing processes that are not dedicated to one specific product.  Many companies utilize the same line, machine, or process to make many different items or products.  This introduces changeovers as a natural part of normal daily operations. Changeover...
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Indicators of Manufacturing Efficiency

Manufacturing efficiency is founded on the simple principle of making or moving a product through a process with no downtime and no defects at an ideal speed. Manufacturing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) The priority of establishing the right manufacturing efficiency and any metric or Key Performance Indicator, is ensuring the input data to generate the...
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Industrial Workers

Designing an Operational Excellence Management System

The Importance of Operational Excellence Management System In high-performing organizations, an Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) enables an intentional culture of superior performance. This is achieved through a well-designed system that preserves organizational values and aligns the efforts of all associates. An OEMS is the defining factor of a company with high performance and effectiveness....
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Global Supply Chain

Lean Supply Chain

Supply Chains come in all shapes and sizes, but all have the same core strategic ambition; to deliver value to the customer with the minimum amount of waste. Organizations have turned to Lean to help find the balance between delighting the customer, minimizing waste and maintaining/improving healthy profit margins. At Milliken, we see Agile as...
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Safety in Manufacturing Requires a Personal Connection

Como sostener su modelo de excelencia operativa

Hace algunos años mientras recibía un entrenamiento en métodos de mejora de la productividad (Just In Time) con un par de excelentes senséis japoneses, aproveché la experiencia de los formadores y les pregunté si en las empresas japonesas estos sistemas siempre habían funcionado con el mismo nivel del intensidad a lo largo del tiempo, a...
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Workforce Management Drawing

How to Improve Business Processes

For many it can be difficult to answer the question “what does that entail?” when answering a question about what you do for a living. That’s because we don’t often see what we do as a process. We don’t instinctively think about inputs & outputs and find the right words to summarize what happens in...
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Team Meeting in Warehouse

Performance Solutions by Milliken Launches New Rapid Improvement Approach Service

Spartanburg, S.C. — Performance Solutions by Milliken, the consulting arm of diversified global manufacturer Milliken & Company, is rounding out its service offerings with a new Rapid Improvement Approach (RI). Designed for companies in need of immediate recovery or transformation, RI pinpoints specific pillars and principles of its proprietary Performance Management System and escalates implementation...
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Recipe for Safety

Recipe for Improving Manufacturing Safety

Both vigorous safety and manufacturing processes are necessary to achieve operational excellence.  Each requires an effective utilization of resources working together for the common goals.  Given this, consider that safety and manufacturing processes should not be exclusive of one another.  Their co-existence and interdependence are foundational to operational excellence. Improving manufacturing safety is worth the...
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Performance Solutions by Milliken