Milliken & Company was founded in 1865 on an unwavering commitment to quality, improvement, and safety. From the beginning, well before “operational excellence” was an industry buzzword, Milliken has consistently striven to be a company where good teamwork, solid problem-solving, and strong leadership result in ongoing improvement and waste elimination. We’ve tried to focus on our customers’ needs, keep our employees positive and empowered, and continually better our workplace activities.

Milliken’s business practices have garnered critical acclaim in a highly competitive industry. Our progressive concepts, gleaned from years of studying programs like Six Sigma and lean manufacturing—plus some pioneering ideas of our own—featured prominently in an innovative program aimed at operational excellence and highlighted in Tom Peters’ 1980s bestseller, A Passion for Excellence.

Through the years Milliken has won numerous awards for quality, including Ethisphere magazine’s “World’s Most Ethical Companies” and multliple R&D awards for technologically significant products from R&D magazine. Now, 150 years later, company after company looks to Milliken to benchmark its own operational performance.

Performance Solutions by Milliken (PSbyM) helps companies serious about change reach their goals of manufacturing quality, safety, productivity and efficiency.

Looking to change your entire business culture from the bottom up? Want long-term, holistic, sustainable improvement? Performance Solutions by Milliken provides you with three distinguishing capabilities:

  • Tested Solutions—Milliken’s solutions have grown out of our own manufacturing practices. We don’t just teach solutions; we live them. Our production plants operate smoothly without supervisor intervention—just like we teach in our PSBM sessions.
  • Demonstrated Practices—There’s no better way to learn than by doing, so we offer real-life demonstrations of our processes. Make a three-day visit to learn the Milliken Performance System processes. Then go beyond theory and into the field at a nearby Milliken facility to observe our award-winning processes in action.
  • Experienced Practitioners—Our highly trained and experienced business practitioners bring an average of 20+ years working in the field. They are specialists who have practiced their professions and establish solid working relationships to truly understand client needs.

Since 1865 Milliken has been modeling operational excellence. Performance Solutions by Milliken can help deliver the same performance results for you. Contact us for more information.

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