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Employee Safety 101: 5 Tips for Creating A Safe Work Environment

In the October 2018 edition of 1851 Franchise Magazine, Phil McIntyre, Managing Director for Performance Solutions, was featured in the People Spotlight column. From offices to construction sites, employee safety is a top concern. Experts from the industry discuss 5 tips for creating a safe work environment. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Delegate responsibilities

McIntyre noted that Performance Solutions by Milliken are strong advocates of what he refers to as the infrastructure, where a core group of associates are part of a steering committee on safety and then supporting that steering committee are individual subcommittees, regardless of industry.

“The key is selecting the right type of subcommittees,” McIntyre said. “The subcommittees should be established around where the potential hazards occur.”

Subcommittees, McIntyre said, would then understand how to identify hazards and put countermeasures in place to prevent those hazards from causing potential injuries.

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