Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

What Is Continuous Improvement?

Continuous improvement is an active, ongoing effort to improve methods, processes and practices through identifying opportunities, planning how it can be improved, executing the changes, and reviewing. The cycle of continuous improvement focuses on reducing wastes and streamlining processes.

Why Is Continuous Improvement Important?

As you embark on your journey to operational and safety excellence, it is important to continue to hone your skills and ensure all associates are on the same page. Training your employees allows you to strengthen skills that employees may need to improve. It is critical that associates have the appropriate on-the-job knowledge and foundation as this can affect morale, satisfaction, performance, and safety.

Whether you’ve just started or are well on your way, you can join Performance Solutions by Milliken in Spartanburg, South Carolina, to discover our simple, replicable approach for breakthrough improvements. In just 2 days, you could significantly advance your company’s journey towards sustainable, operational excellence. Explore Milliken’s effective processes through in-depth discussion and a hands-on plant tour where you can see these practices in place. Learn how adopting Milliken’s cost reducing continuous lean process improvement activities could deliver your organization exceptional results. Learn from PSbyM practitioners with more than 365 years of combined experience and gain a rare glimpse into Milliken’s operations.

Our Operational Excellence Conference provides you with an in-depth study into this global organization—a company that benefits from using zero-based thinking to identify any and all potential wastes/losses and a fully engaged workforce to reduce firefighting to maximize continuous improvement efforts.

However, continuous improvement is not enough on its own. As your organization continues to refine, it needs a way to sustain those results. This is where operational excellence comes in.

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