Creating Customer-Focused Production Processes

Customers across industries now demand that manufacturers fulfill customized orders. Customers are looking for new functionality specific to their needs of high quality products with precise delivery. Meeting the customized demands of customers require agile operations to maintain productivity and profitability.0531

From functionality and timeliness to quality and volume, customers across industry now expect that manufacturers will fulfill customized orders. It’s important for organizations to address these requests and utilize the right technology and strategies to support them.

Performance Solutions by Milliken helps manufacturers address and improve the 4Ms of operations to achieve such agility.

The 4Ms of Operations

Machines: The devices and equipment used to perform specifics type of work and maintenance of this equipment

Manpower: This includes top level leadership, management and frontline associates

Methods: The foundation of improvement is a performance management system, utilization of zero loss thinking to identify opportunities for improvement, and a systematic implementation plan

Materials: Collaboration and improved engagement of suppliers is critical

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