Experience World-Class Safety Firsthand

At Milliken, safety is the fundamental building block to creating a high performing, sustainable manufacturing operating system. Named one of America’s Safest Companies in 2017, we are honored to partner with EHSToday for one of the Safety Leadership Conference site tours on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Experience the Milliken Safety Way in action when you tour our 116-year-old plant in Gainesville, GA.  You will hear firsthand from the plant associates how the safety process works and that New Holland’s safety process and strong performance is made possible through its 235 highly engaged associates, 8 safety committees, and associate lead teams.

Developing world-class safety and quality was a twenty-year journey of learning and implementing. It was more than the application of tools. It is about educational, cultural and systematic changes to your organization. We had to change how our associates went about doing their jobs day-to-day. This holistic framework shows companies how to manage operations.

“The problem with most initiatives is that they add work, and everyone resists that. We’ve made safety part of a daily management system that provides common language, common processes, and common goals within a plant and within any and all plants in a company.” -Craig Long, Performance Solutions.

Safety is such an integral component for any cultural change, that at Milliken it became the foundation of our company’s entire performance system. This employee-centric approach to improving safety is designed to build a sustainable, organic, internal capability.

See safety for yourself at the tour of our New Holland plant during the 2017 Safety Leadership Conference. Not attending the conference but interested in touring one of our plants? Contact us today to schedule a visit.

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