In our recent webinar “Building Safety Programs That Last: The 9 Keys for Success”, hosted in partnership with EHS Today, we discussed strategic safety initiatives that will help your safety program be successful for the long term.


Phil McIntyre, Managing Director, Performance Solutions by Milliken


Here are a few takeaways from the webinar’s Q&A session.

Q: What is the best way to boost involvement with front line supervisors and create awareness?
Phil: The first thing we would do is work with them to recognize their new role in the safety process. It moves away from command and control to where everyone has a recommendation. It is fundamentally helping them recognize the creation of the subcommittee. What should the right subcommittee, meeting cadence, and topics be. They have an extremely key role in guiding this engaged workforce as they continue to mature and get better in the safety process.

Q: Why is insurance considered a prevention spend?
Phil: What I am trying to capture is as much of the cash flow as possible. One of the things with safety is that measuring some of the numbers can be difficult. There are multiple different streams in which cash flow occurs. One of the things that we have to recognize is that we are not always experts in different things, so we have to bring in SMEs when needed, and we typically do that through our insurance providers.

Q: What would you say is an essential component to successfully promote safety when you have remote locations?
Phil: 2 important things here.

  1. The leadership commitment in that it is not viewed as an initiative but as a value to the company. We are going to do this everywhere and do this to stop injuring people.
  2. Standardization

In Milliken, we have the 24-72 rule. When an incident occurs, that individual site has 24 hours to write up that incident. That write up must be sent to our HQ in Spartanburg and within 24 hours of receipt of that notice, Spartanburg must send it out to every other site in the company. Within 24 hours of receiving that notice each of the sites must reply back to Spartanburg and say yes, this could have occurred, and i have initiated the same counter measure OR this incident could not have occurred any why.

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If you missed this webinar or would like to view it again, this webinar is available on demand. View on demand webinar.

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