Markets change fast – The Rapid Improvement (RI) approach helps you keep up. We understand that market opportunities appear and disappear at an astonishing speed and that to plan for the long-term you must solve your short-term challenges. We have designed our RI approach with the short and the long-term in mind so that the urgent does not interrupt the important. How?

Identify Challenges

We work with your team to identify the source of the challenge or the barrier to your aspiration. Need production capacity now to capitalize on a current market opportunity? Need to bring down lead times to compete? Let’s break those challenges down into their individual components so that we can optimize the whole.

Prioritize the Work

Most organizations are good at naming problems and then giving that problem to a group to solve. That’s great but there are some questions to answer: What bandwidth strain does this put on your people? What are the second and third order consequences of solving the immediate problem and not the source? Organizations must ruthlessly prioritize the components of a problem and stratify those components further into the actionable pieces of the solution.

Attack and Control the Problems

We love the idea of “attacking” a problem with a cross-functional team of problem-solvers but attacking alone is not sufficient. Organizations need to build countermeasures or controls to ensure that the problem ceases to be an ongoing concern. These countermeasures (just like the solutions) can be simple, complex, or technical depending on the nature and domain in which you’re working.

The Rapid Improvement approach is designed to be a 1-6 month process that is precise and intense. Our practitioners help you define and prioritize the problems quickly and partner with you to attack and control so that targeted results are delivered and sustained. Our business is founded on utilizing practitioners to solve problems and build sustainable process in operations and the supply chain. We understand the pressure of running operations through shifts in demand and challenges with capital. We are precise and intense because your customers demand the same of you. Learn more about our Rapid Improvement Approach today.


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