Safety is Essential for Continuous Improvement

Manufacturers want to guarantee employees’ safety, but often lack effective practices and policies to do so. Often times safety strategies focus on:

  • Tracking lag measures for safety
  • Reacting after an incident occurs
  • Managing safety through supervisor monitoring
  • Failure to fully assess safety risks
  • Prioritizing other metrics

Safe employees are more likely to trust management and be engaged in their work and willing to identify and solve problems. With the U.S. unemployment rate now hovering above 4 percent (down from 10 percent in October 2009), many employees are now willing to consider new — and possibly safer — jobs. In fact, approximately 27 percent of employees switched jobs in the 12 months ending in the third quarter of 2017. Given the more fluid workforce landscape and amid ongoing skilled worker shortages, a safe workplace greatly enhances a manufacturer’s ability to retain talent and recruit new employees.

Performance Solutions by Milliken advises manufacturers that employee safety must come first — for the health of both workers and the bottom line. This strategy reflects a core belief of Milliken & Company, which was one of 13 companies on the 2017 America’s Safest Companies List. Milliken’s experience drives the safety emphasis within Performance Solutions and among its practitioners.

Read the full article to learn about our approach among a variety of industries and how changing your safety process and employee mindsets can lead to significant improvements for your organization.

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