Safety Systems and Processes for Sustainable Improvement

Professionals from a variety of industries joined together to learn and network at Milliken’s Safety Bootcamp this February. The two-day seminar focused on significant topics such as improving an organization’s injury and illness rates, encouraging employees to take ownership, using continuous improvement methodology and tools, acquiring skills for sustainability, and implementing the tools of continuous improvement analysis—including Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), and Risk Assessments.

Milliken’s bootcamp instruction and training activities include engaging sessions that balance learning with participating and that help address important safety challenges for today’s businesses. Enthusiastic instructors provide a wealth of real-life, personal knowledge and experience in the field of safety methodology. Morning sessions are followed by networking lunches, where attendees can interact and connect over common goals and objectives.

February’s attendees had this to say about Millken’s Safety Bootcamp:

“Helpful tips and information I can bring to my company.”

“Very practical tools to implement. Good insight!”

“Each area had a new point I hadn’t heard before.”

Milliken’s bi-annual bootcamp is perfect for any associate who leads or implements safety processes at your company. A second Safety Bootcamp will be offered August 25-26, 2015, at our main campus: the Roger Milliken Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

People are precious, and we all realize how important safety is to our future. Join us for the next Safety Bootcamp to discover how Milliken, one of America’s safest companies, can help identify the absolutes for successful transformation of your current safety environment.

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