Milliken has come a long way.  20 years ago, we were juggling a number of goals, trying to achieve sustainability, efficiency, safety, and better business. We could reach a goal but lose sight of another – and with competition and the economy pressing hard, we knew something had to change.

That’s when we began to realize that other companies, many in Japan, were achieving a unique, streamlined, systematic excellence in operations with a far different approach to what our own culture had adopted. We sent teams to study what worked for some of the most successful companies in the world, and how their safety and business records were so much better than many of the businesses around us.


Through this investigative process, Milliken adopted a new method of operations that has led us to the soaring successes we’re enjoying today. We have left our competition in the dust, and grown to be a better company. With a team-based approach, a foundation of safety, and ever-improving efficiency, our plants are safer, our business better, and our employees more successful.


Performance Solutions by Milliken is sharing the best-in-world-class approach with our Driving World-Class Operational Excellence Conferences this fall. Come watch, ask, and learn from us as we show you what has made the difference in our approaches. Whether you are a manager interested in achieving safe, agile, efficient, and enlightened manufacturing, or a CEO, COO, CFO, Vice President, General Manager, Plant Manager, or Safety Director, you’ll learn invaluable tools to equip your business and employees with success.

Learn more, and register now, for our September 16-18th conference!

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