In today’s fast-paced business world, getting up to speed may seem overwhelming. One way to stay competitive is to embrace the power of education, training, and development. Performance Solutions by Milliken is designed to help companies serious about change reach their goals. Our experienced business practitioners offer training courses, bootcamps, and conferences to support our clients with ongoing educational opportunities.

Most working professionals understand: Learning is lifelong. Acquiring new skills and continuing to make discoveries keeps skills sharp and abilities honed. Ongoing education can improve morale, safety, and performance, helping workers become responsible, productive, capable contributors to any business.

Avoid the Rut

Sometimes even professionals get stuck. Good management provides opportunities for ongoing education to push associates over the hump or outside the box. For the past several decades, the world economy has largely shifted from manufacturing to information. This knowledge emphasis places increasing pressure on the workforce to improve in the education arena.

Knowledge just may be the most important tool to move your employees to the next level. A Performance Solutions by Milliken’s World-Class Safety Conference gives attendees the opportunity to learn Milliken’s tried-and-true processes through practical instruction and hands-on plant tours. It’s a three-day investment sure to dig employees out of a rut.

Train the Brain

Your brain, although the consistency of warm butter, is very like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the bigger it gets. That’s because as you think, blood pumps to various areas of the brain providing energy for firing those synapses. In other words, use it or lose it.

Research shows that the more complicated or unfamiliar a task is, the better for working the whole brain. Learning something new not only improves brain function, but it may also boost creativity as workers look for ways to connect the learning to their own experience or to search for novel ways of implementing new information. Encourage your team to exercise their mind muscles by attending our Driving World-Class Operational Excellence Conference at our Spartanburg, South Carolina, facility.

See the Other Side

A co-worker, who worked as a textbook author, once spent a week answering phones as a customer service representative. The experience totally changed her view of that previously unknown aspect of the publishing business. She learned what kinds of questions customers asked and why; she saw the relevance of certain tasks that had seemed unnecessary beforehand. When she returned to her writing, she took valuable insights with her. Her fresh experiences on the other side of the fence can be applicable in many areas.

Encouraging associates to participate in ongoing educational opportunities may provide a view of another aspect of a production process. Thinking like a consumer, an operator, a line worker, or a manager can inspire new ways of implementing best practices or even reinforce established ones. Performance Solutions by Milliken offers courses on maintenance and reliability, coaching, zero-loss thinking, and more, helping your team can see new possibilities.

If you’re looking to advance the skill sets of your employees while maintaining and improving productivity, Performance Solutions by Milliken can help. Our award-winning conferences, bootcamps, and training courses can be customized to fit the needs of your organization. Contact us today to bring out the best in your teams.

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