Those of us in the manufacturing industry know it is constantly evolving and changing. This can make it tough to keep up.

We spend a good amount of our day trying to stay current on what’s happening. Here are a few articles from across the web we found interesting and worth talking about.

H-E-B tests augmented reality glasses for efficiency  – Food Dive
H-E-B Grocery Company recently tested out a pilot program to see how productivity was affected when employees wore augmented reality glasses, according to the San Antonio Business Journal. Read more.

Crain’s Notable Women in Manufacturing – Crain’s Detroit
Notable Women in Manufacturing secure patents, manage plants and find production efficiencies for their companies. They make medical devices, food and beverages, and automobiles. They inspire students by teaching them about careers in STEM. Read more.

Workers need not fear the robot revolution  – The Manufacturer
Manufacturing operatives need not fear the revolution – the rise of the robots should improve human jobs and will lead to the creation of new types of jobs, not take them.

Hidden in a green and pleasant Warwickshire university campus is a futuristic test bed which will help firms revolutionize their manufacturing systems for the digital age. Read more.

University of Minnesota survey pinpoints need to better understand older workforce  — Star Tribune
The rap against older workers — that they are expensive, unimaginative and afraid of technology — may be shifting as businesses feel the pinch of a tighter labor market.

Retiring baby boomers are exiting the workforce at a faster clip than the younger generations can replace them. Read more.

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