What We’re Reading – October 2017

Those of us in the manufacturing industry know it is constantly evolving and changing. This can make it tough to keep up.

We spend a good amount of our day trying to stay current on what’s happening. Here are a few articles from across the web we found interesting and worth talking about.

Hurricane Harvey Knocked Out A Critical Part Of The Manufacturing Industry – Manufacturing Business Technology

The influence of Hurricane Harvey on the Gulf Coast states will likely be felt for some time. In particular, the manufacturing industry — which relies heavily on facilities situated in the Southern United States — has been hit hard with some of the most familiar forms of storm fallout: shortages, high prices and crippled infrastructure. Read more.

Women and the Manufacturing Skills Gap – Manufacturing Day

As we often note, today’s U.S. manufacturers are facing an impending skills gap as a generation of manufacturing workers prepare themselves to retire.According to the Manufacturing Institute, 2.7 million baby boomers will retire by 2025, leaving 2 million manufacturing jobs unfulfilled. Read more.

How to Attract and Keep Millennial Workers – Chief Executive

As the fastest-growing generation in the workforce, millennials will be crucial in helping fill the manufacturing talent gap. Yet while they’re highly educated and offer great potential, they also expect their employers to leverage technology to its full potential to eliminate unnecessary tasks and maximize their productivity. Read more.

Manufacturers to increase use of wearable tech: study – The Manufacturer

A new study has shown that more than a half of all manufacturing settings would be using wearable digital technology in just five years. Read more. 


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