Operational Excellence Conference Materials

May 2018

Thank you for joining us!

We appreciate your attendance and participation in our 2018 Operational Excellence Conference. We hope you enjoyed your visit to Milliken and took away some best practices and processes that you can implement in your organization. Below you will find a link to each of the presentations you saw during your visit. Should you have any questions, please contact Nicole Yeske, Director of Marketing at: Nicole.Yeske@Milliken.com. 

Day 1

Milliken’s Journey to Operational Excellence: Achieving & Sustaining Operational Excellence
Phil McIntyre, Managing Director, Performance Solutions by Milliken

The Foundation to Milliken’s Performance System: Safety
Wayne Punch, Practitioner, Performance Solutions by Milliken

Taking a Deep Dive into the Milliken Performance System: Daily Team Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance and 5S Pillars
Jeff Rosenlund, Director of Client Engagement, Performance Solutions by Milliken

Taking a Deep Dive into the Milliken Performance System: Focused Improvement, Quality Management and Continuous Skills Development
Dede Ericson, Director of Client Engagement, Performance Solutions by Milliken

Continuous Skills Development Activity

Day 2

The Journey to Zero: Milliken’s Critical Moves to Enable the Financial Return of Operational Excellence
Phil McIntyre

Associate Engagement: How Winning the Hearts and Minds of Employees Drives Operational Excellence
Cara Thompson, Managing Director of Operations, Performance Solutions by Milliken

Discover what Performance Solutions by Milliken is all about. We invite you to see our manufacturing production solutions in action. Visit our headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and learn how the productivity of your operation can be improved by our award-winning strategies.

Making a fundamental change in any organization is difficult, and it seems nearly impossible for a single individual to affect change in an entire business. We also know how tough it is to put classroom learning into action in a practical way.

Your visit to see Performance Solutions by Milliken implementing these solutions will give you confidence that your organization can achieve the same outstanding performance results.

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