How the Process Informs the Practice

The Path to Manufacturing Excellence & Success

Bringing world-class manufacturing quality and safety to global organizations doesn’t come easily. In an organization undertaking a lean transformation and striving for operational excellence and continuous improvement, leadership’s role is even more critical. When rolling out an improvement effort, executives are initially excited by the early returns from low-hanging fruit, but many quickly become disenchanted when the pace of improvement weakens or pauses.

Most manufacturers are investing resources, time, and effort into improving their operations. However, few executives are satisfied with the results. Why? Often it’s because improvement initiatives aren’t aligned with overall organizational objectives and management practices. For improvements to stick, an organization needs a well-targeted performance management system — one that drives goals and improvement by area, line, and function.

What should a Performance Management System include? 

  1. Strategic clarity and alignment
  2. Standardized processes
  3. An educated, engaged, and empowered workforce
  4. Leaders who are coaches, teachers, and mentors
  5. A culture of problem-solving and continuous improvement

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The Nine Pillars of the Milliken Performance System

The only performance system offering manufacturers an 8:1 ROI on average, the Milliken Performance System is supported by a unique system, comprised of nine pillars which build our business and our client’s businesses into lean enterprises. These nine pillars are the key to moving your organization towards long-term, sustainable growth.

Milliken Performance System's Pillars of Operational Excellence

CASE STUDY: Packaging Plants Implement Performance System

Read this case study to learn more about how a $3 billion packaging-products manufacturer improved breakdown performance, reduced minor stops, and reduced breakdowns by 50 percent or more.

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Involved to Engaged: An Employee-Centric Approach to Improving Safety

The 5S process organizes and maintains the workplace environment in order to increase productivity and safety, reduce waste, and eliminate non-value-added activities for all associates. This process establishes the expectations of discipline and overall engagement in the organization.

About Performance Solutions by Milliken

Since our 1865 founding, a commitment to continuous improvement and safety has been the foundation of Milliken & Company’s success, and we’ve spent the past two decades scouring the globe to discover the best ways to work. We’ve looked, listened, and learned; and we’ve used the knowledge we’ve gleaned to develop our own holistic approach to improve efficiency and productivity based associate engagement and to incorporate lean manufacturing concepts. Performance Solutions by Milliken supports clients with highly-trained, experienced practitioners who have learned these processes through years of successfully implementing them. 

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Performance Solutions by Milliken