Safety Bootcamp & Maintenance Workshop with Performance Solutions by Milliken

At Milliken and Company, safety and quality are top priorities. From our people to our products to our services, we strive to do good for our customers and our community. That’s part of why we’re considered one of America’s safest and most ethical companies.

Milliken has established proven, transferable best-practice safety procedures in our own facilities, and Performance Solutions by Milliken shares this proven methodology with organizations that want results. We offer consulting, education, and training events focused on helping you eliminate workplace accidents, boost productivity, and improve performance.

This August, Performance Solutions by Milliken will offer two advanced classes: one focused on creating safety systems and the other, maintenance reliability processes: Safety Bootcamp and Maintenance Training. Both two-day courses will be held August 25-26 at the Roger Milliken campus in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and seating is limited.

Safety Bootcamp:

Want a hands-on into what makes a successful safety process? Our Safety Bootcamp combines detailed instruction with training activities, resulting in an engaging session with lots of participation. Knowledgeable, expert practitioners address real-life safety challenges for today’s businesses, providing a wealth of experience in the field of safety methodology.

Safety Bootcamp with Performance Solutions covers significant topics such as improving an organization’s injury and illness rates, empowering employees to take ownership, using continuous improvement methodology and tools, acquiring skills for sustainability, and implementing the tools of continuous improvement analysis—including Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), and Risk Assessments.

Maintenance & Reliability Workshop:

In our world-class training on Maintenance and Reliability, expert Performance Solutions practitioners deliver an in-depth study of how to develop and sustain a best-in-class maintenance system. Discover how your business can redefine the partnership between your operators and your maintenance associates, resulting in the shared ownership of excellence in all areas.

Sessions feature Performance Solutions’ step-by-step maintenance approach, which covers the critical building blocks of a disciplined system. Participants learn to appreciate the purpose, benefits, and tools of Milliken’s Daily Team Maintenance (DTM) and Planned Maintenance (PM) processes and understand how to improve the relationship between operators and maintenance associates, as well as optimize their own roles in daily management.

Join us for these training courses or contact us about scheduling a custom class at your facility with Performance Solutions by Milliken.

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