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Leading to Zero

Safety is the fundamental building block to creating a high performing, sustainable manufacturing operating system. When people aren’t worried about getting hurt, they’re free to think about other parts of their jobs. They can think about improving quality or how to improve machine performance. In many instances, if we eliminate minor machine stops and breakdowns, we improve safety — which also improves efficiency.

Safety can and should be used as a strategic lever; and at Milliken, we believe the safety of the workforce should be the first concern for any CEO. Companies that aspire to be World-Class must have safety as a core value. Safety and health are personal to every human being and can have a profound impact on their motivation and morale. Our employee-centric approach to improving safety is designed to build a sustainable, organic, internal capability.

The existence of a connection between safety and quality leads to measurable productivity improvements and a direct impact on your bottom line. It also leads to improved morale and increased productivity.

Case Study

Food & Beverage company reduces hand injuries

Read this case study to learn more about how a Midwestern Food & Beverage company with facilities at each stage of the poultry supply chain achieved greater participation among all employees and a reduction in hand injuries.


Flipping the Script
on Safety

Safety is the fundamental building block to creating a high performing sustainable manufacturing operating system. Learn more about what a successful safety process can do for your company.

Zero Incidents is Possible

It’s common that we see organizations drive safety from the top down. When initiatives are broad and vague, owning the safety initiative is treated like a chore and not a value-add role. This often results in a lack of interest and a disconnect in how each plant carries out each piece. When no one is committed to owning the process and the safety operations strategy is developed at the corporate level, it can result in employee disconnect and limited results. 

Milliken Safety Way

Zero accidents and zero based thinking may seem like impossible goals. But our safety process applies the proven management best practices offered through Milliken Safety Way. You can break through your safety performance plateau and get your TIIR closer to your goal of zero with this system. 

Performance Solutions by Milliken and Milliken Safety Way services are all about educational, cultural and systematic changes and not just about the application of tools. That’s why they apply to all manufacturing disciplines. It is about changing the way employees go about doing their job, not bolting consultant-driven solutions that aren’t sustainable over the long term. It is a holistic framework that shows companies how to manage operations. 

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Education & Training

Safety Bootcamp October 17-18, 2017. Our Safety Bootcamp is a comprehensive workshop on safety systems and processes for continuous improvement. In this 2 day, hands-on seminar, you can learn practical tactics to advance your safety process and build an effective safety strategy that engages your entire organization.

About Performance Solutions by Milliken

Performance Solutions by Milliken (PSbyM) is an operational excellence and safety consulting company designed to help food and beverage, paper and packaging, chemical, consumer packaged goods, textile and other manufacturers increase productivity, quality and efficiency. PSbyM brings a unique, Practitioner-based value proposition to its clients and helps companies achieve substantial and sustainable improvements in their operations and safety excellence efforts

Performance Solutions Practitioners

As a team, our Performance Solutions by Milliken practitioners average over 15 years of service at Milliken & Company or other outstanding manufacturing companies. Each business practitioner on the Performance Solutions by Milliken team has spent an entire career implementing the principles of safety, operational excellence, and performance improvement, many of them working on the leadership teams of Milliken’s own manufacturing sites.

The breadth and depth of these experiences set each of our business practitioners apart from traditional firms’ consultants or typical lean manufacturing consultants.

Performance Solutions™ practitioners engage clients at the most senior corporate level down through frontline associates, assisting them with development of a systematic improvement approach and implementation of their own versions of the Milliken Performance System.

Performance Solutions by Milliken