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Safety Improves Efficiency

Safety is the fundamental building block to creating a high performing, sustainable manufacturing operating system. When people aren’t worried about getting hurt, they’re free to think about other parts of their job. They can focus on improving quality or machine performance without risking safety.

In many instances, if we eliminate minor machine stops and breakdowns, we improve safety — which also improves efficiency.

Zero incidents may seem like an impossible goal. But our safety process applies proven management best practices to help you break through your safety performance plateau and uncover root causes. Utilizing Zero Loss Thinking, companies show a dramatic decrease in safety incidents and an increase in morale and productivity.

Zero Incidents is Possible
Creating a Zero-Based Culture

Milliken Safety Way processes are centered on educational, cultural and systematic changes to the way employees go about doing their job, without bolting consultant-driven solutions that aren’t sustainable over the long term. It is a holistic framework that shows companies how to better manage their operations.

"Operational excellence secures the present. Innovation excellence secures the future."

-Roger Milliken

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