Milliken Safety Way
Safety Keys 6-9

Safety Series Part 3: The Wrap Up

As we round out National Safety Month and the final part of our safety series, we’ll review the remaining 4 immutable keys of a successful and sustainable safety process. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. Time & Money Time is money, but time spent focused on safety prior to incidents and injuries...
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Immutable Safety Keys 1-5

Safety Series Part 2: Keys 1-5

In our previous post, we outlined the nine unchanging components of a successful safety system. If your company focuses on these timeless “keys”, as we call them at Milliken, your safety program will be successful for the long term. They aren’t Band-Aids or quick fixes, though, and will require everyone – from production floor to...
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9 Safety Immutable Keys

Safety Series Part 1: Building a Foundation

It’s common that we see organizations drive safety from the top down. The initiatives tend to be broad and vague. Because of this, owning the safety initiative is treated like a chore, and not a value-add role resulting in a lack of interest and a disconnect in how each plant carries out each piece. When...
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Hospital Medical Device

How West Georgia Health Systems Transformed Their Safety Procedures

West Georgia Health System (WGHS) in LaGrange, Ga. is one of the largest employers in its south west Georgia community. The health system, which includes a 276 bed hospital, a hospice, two nursing homes and a dialysis clinic, employs nearly 1,400 people and has a 75-year history of serving residents in nine surrounding Georgia counties...
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Manufacturing Plant Floor

A Three-Day Safety Excellence Confrence

On May 24-26 Milliken and Company will be hosting a Best Practices in World-Class Safety Conference that offers a rare glimpse into the tried-and-true Milliken Safety Way. This unique safety conference goes beyond classroom learning by taking attendees on intensive and interactive plant tours, while providing them with the information needed to implement this superior...
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