Seminars and Training

3-Day Workshop

Safety Bootcamp

Our Safety Bootcamp is a comprehensive workshop on safety systems and processes for continuous improvement. In this 2 day, hands-on seminar, you can learn practical tactics to advance your safety process and build an effective safety strategy that engages your entire organization. 

As one of America’s safest companies, Performance Solutions by Milliken addresses clients’ safety challenges using strategic safety consulting methods. These tactics are now available to a wider audience through our Safety Bootcamp. Learn the steps for successfully transforming your current safety environment by using the Milliken Safety Way.

Topics Covered in this Class Include

  • How to increase involvement and move to empowering employees to take ownership of the safety process
  • The impact of a behavior based safety methodology
  • Developing communication skills
  • Understanding lagging and leading indicators
  • Plant Tour Included
  • and More!
Intended Audience

Any leader, manager, or employee who is leading or implementing safety processes in their company.

2-Day Seminar

Operational Excellence

Explore Milliken’s effective processes through in-depth discussion about the Milliken Performance System, associate engagement and approach to zero losses. We’ll also take you on a plant tour to see these methods in action. Learn how adopting Milliken’s cost reducing continuous lean process improvement activities could deliver your organization exceptional results. 

Just 2 days at Milliken provides you with an in-depth study into this global organization—a company that benefits from using zero-based thinking to identify any and all potential wastes/losses and a fully engaged workforce to reduce firefighting to maximize continuous improvement efforts.

Topics Covered in this Class Include

  • Removing functional silos within your company to create an integrated free culture
  • Moving your organization beyond budget and variances to a zero-loss approach
  • Implementing a logical, repeatable, and sustainable problem-solving approach
  • Plant Tour and Associate Panel Included
Intended Audience

Any senior leader, manager, director or or employee who is leading or implementing continuous improvement or a TPM centric approaches in their company.


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Operational Excellence

May 5-6, 2020 | Spartanburg SC

Safety Bootcamp

June 9-11, 2020 | Spartanburg SC
Performance Solutions by Milliken