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The Process Starts With You

See what sustainable change looks like

Most executives can point to a few improvements within their plants yet are missing enhanced productivity and profitability. Why? Because they don’t pursue improvement in a systematic way. Without a corporate architecture of system-wide strategy, planning, support, and implementation, continuous improvement initiatives are doomed to plateau or fail.

Operational and safety excellence are not just attainable for your organization but can be sustained long term. Discover a simple, replicable approach that can help you improve safety, efficiency and quality. 

Give us Two Days and We’ll Change Your Business Forever

Accept the Invitation

Discover what Performance Solutions by Milliken is all about. We invite you to see our manufacturing production solutions in action. Visit our headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and spend two days as our guest, learning how the productivity of your operation can be improved by our award-winning strategies.

As you spend your days learning about our renowned Milliken Performance System, you’ll also get a tour of one of our local plant facilities for a firsthand look at our strategies in action.

Making a fundamental change in any organization is difficult, and it seems nearly impossible for a single individual to affect change in an entire business. We also know how tough it is to put classroom learning into action in a practical way.

Your visit to see Performance Solutions by Milliken implementing these solutions will give you confidence that your organization can achieve the same outstanding performance results.

Milliken Performance System

The Milliken Performance System was born through the years our team spent developing highly successful techniques, resulting in optimal safety, quality and efficiency. But what makes our system unique is the way we examine and ultimately change a business culture from both the bottom up and the top down, resulting in sustainable improvement. Our system is built upon a foundation of safety and strategic clarity—designed to engage all associates in the uncompromising pursuit of zero incidents, ultimately creating an alignment between operations and the businesses.
Performance Solutions by Milliken