Webinar: Getting Back to Basics

Milliken’s 9 Principles to a Sustainable Health and Safety Process

The Safety and Health of all employees should be every company’s number 1 priority. Organizations should strive to ensure that every employee has a safe and healthy work environment. However, in these uncertain times achieving the right balance between healthy lives and a healthy/safe work environment has never been so challenging for leaders.

At Milliken, we have learned how to lead differently. We’ve learned you must build trust between employees and management so that health and safety becomes something we can all own and improve together, sustainably. Building stronger EHS processes together teaches us the importance of care and collaboration and gives us the confidence to understand and manage our risks. This approach brings health and safety improvements AND financial performance benefits. In this webinar, we will review the 9 Principle’s that lead to this result driven sustainable process.

Key Takeaways & Learnings:

  • How to Create an Environment for Change
  • Building the Culture for sustainable results
  • How to support the change to ensure sustainability

Join us on October 28, 2021 at 2pm ET for a complimentary 1 hour webinar to learn more and join the discussion.

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