Webinar | How to Sustain a Culture of Continuous Improvement

An Executive Discussion

Continuous improvement is the key to making gains in efficiency, safety and uncovering previously unseen capacity in your organization. But how do you link manufacturing execution to strategy and empower your front-line associates to become problem solvers? In a recent webinar, we shared best practices on how to; discern the difference between popular trends and the real processes that define manufacturing productivity, cascade business strategy into financial and operational results, and understand the barriers and trends impacting operational excellence.

Thank you for your interest in our webinar on sustaining a culture of continuous improvement. We shared 5 keys to Milliken & Company’s success in creating a culture of continuous improvement. Here’s a copy of the presentation slides that were covered. 

View presentation slides.

Case Study

Chemical Plant Embraces a Holistic Operating System

Read this case study to learn more about how a multi-billion dollar, global chemical firm systemized best practices and realized a 4.5-to-1 return on investment working with Performance Solutions in the first year.

Case Study

Packaging-Product Plants Implement Performance System

Read this case study to learn more about how a $3 billion packaging-products manufacturer improved breakdown performance, reduced minor stops, and reduced breakdowns by 50 percent or more.

Performance Solutions by Milliken

Since our 1865 founding, a commitment to continuous improvement and safety has been the foundation of Milliken & Company’s success, and we’ve spent the past two decades scouring the globe to discover the best ways to work. We recognize that best practices aren’t just limited to one industry, that’s why we’ve studied them all. We’ve looked, listened, and learned; and we’ve used the knowledge we’ve gleaned to develop our own holistic approach to improve efficiency and productivity based associate engagement and to incorporate lean manufacturing concepts.

Milliken has developed proven performance systems in both operations and safety that can help companies like yours improve their outcomes by using best methods. These methods— based on total employee engagement, efficient manufacturing processes, redefined metrics and practical expertise are transferable and customizable. You can expect improved productivity and a return on investment using these systems that have been our company’s compass and foundation for more than two decades, in more than 40 Milliken sites worldwide.

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