Operational Excellence and Safety Excellence Webinars
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Establishing Employee Driven Safety Processes

Understand how to set the scene to lead differently, build the ‘trust’ culture for employee engagement, and deepen collaboration and ownership to sustain the change.

11Future of Manufacturing


Manufacturing a New Future

Learn how other organizations have survived during crises and thrived on new opportunities afterward by focusing on 6 essential crisis strategies. 



Sustainable Manufacturing

Now more than ever, sustainable manufacturing is crucial to long-term success. Understanding that sustainability goals can be powered by your operations significantly enhances employee, community and product safety. 



Recession Proof Your Operations

Declines in new orders, a stagnating U.S. gross domestic product, and reduced corporate growth estimates are all signs that a recession is nearing. We share steps you can take to prepare your organizations for an economic slowdown.

11Team Success


Employee-Centric Approach to Safety

Hear real-world examples on why organizations must address their people and culture long before applying new tools to achieve total ownership of safety. 



Effective and Sustainable Safety

Explore Milliken’s Safety structure and how you can help drive safety performance and continuous improvement by establishing associate leadership as the cornerstone of your system.

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Safety Programs That Last

See how engaging your entire manufacturing organization and building on a foundation of safety can set you up for sustained success.

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